Ice & Waste

The CICLO project “Ice and waste” focuses on the world’s massive over-consumption and its consequences. Christian Schrøder and Pernille Bach chose the elements ice and packaging as symbols of this – the statement being that mass consumption injures our planet. Ice and waste are metaphors for human overuse and all destructive forces which will degrade our nature if we do not change our path.

Art is a great way for the children’s to express their thoughts on the subject. Furthermore we can, without pointing our fingers and moralizing, point out the problems to an audience who then can decide for themselves what they think of the matter.

After working with the subject, starting out on the larger scale and focusing on the great environmental disasters mankind has created, we return to subjects of daily life and look at what you can do to help the environment yourself. With this experience you can the look out into the world again with different eyes.

Together with the children we will make ice sculptures which will contain waste that the children have collected during 1 day in their own homes and different poems, words and statements chosen by the children. When the ice melts only the waste and the words will be left behind.

The project have been playing in Denmark, Finland and China.